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Text Box:              At present, Tobias, Inc. provides ongoing support to the marine transportation needs of major oilfield production companies.  Our quality and timely transportation services to these industries has established us as a benchmark for other crewboat leasing operations.

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of Mexico Oil-field Industry Since 1977

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Text Box: Photo Album – Randolph John Christening Photos and other interesting photographs.  
Vessels – See our Boats!
Photographs available to download plus get specs on each craft.  Read about how the Ms. Judy and her crew provided a heroic emergency rescue to four Gulf fishermen whose boat capsized in high seas.
Map – Need directions on how to find us?  Print our detailed map and you’re sure to find the way!  
Jobs – Employment application, job listings and availability.  Online employment application available.

Text Box:   Tobias, Inc. is a crewboat leasing company serving the off-shore oil-field industry in the Gulf of Mexico, since 1977.  Our fleet of vessels are fully equipped and professionally staffed to meet all marine transportation

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